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Batangas Resorts(external link) is a database and search engine for all people looking for relevant information regarding the beaches, swimming pools, restaurants, food, people, tourist spots and attractions found in the Ala Eh province of Batangas.

Request to Be Featured

Resort owners are welcome here and should you find our page appropriate for your advertising options, don't worry, we won't charge you a single centavo to have your beautiful paradise featured here. All you have to do is to email us your concern and offer our family of 5 for FREE accommodation to get featured and be reviewed by us which comes in with a legally bound agreement between you, the owner or your authorized representative allowing us to use all facilities like a regular customer.

From there, we will handle everything else from the AVP (marketing video), photos, rates, accommodation, facility, travel guide including maps and more depending upon your suggestion which we reserve for our approval. Please note that although you may give us suggestions, there is no way you can tweak our absolute right to give our readers an honest review of your place which is just and fair to all concerned.

We will put all complete details provided by you if you are either the owner or legally authorized representative of the resort which may be but is not limited to contact numbers, address, location guide map, description of the resort and all other necessary information.